Sunday, January 3, 2010

Book Club Ring, January 2010

Book Club Ring, January -- Click Here for Chart

Updated 1/6/09

The Hollow Jessica Verday
Hack Melissa Plaut
Hothouse Flower and the 9… Margot Berwin
Dramas, Dramas, & Ana Ruiz Belinda Acosta


Mary said...

Of Course - I didn't heed my own advice and I am done with the Hallows and now I see it goes on to Janet -- darn. I just sent Janet a book yesterday.

JustJanet said...

I hate when that happens!

Phyllis said...

I sent Alice I Have Been to Mary today - d c 9102150134711000304651.
I really liked this book.

JustJanet said...

When I was home in Phoenix, I got an audio CD version of Hothouse Flower. It was at the FOL and I'm listening to it right now to make sure it's in tradeable condition. So far, there is one small skip. If anyone is interested, I'll swap it to you at PBS as I need the points. Just email me.


Mary said...

The chart is updated and I received Alice I Have Been today.

I sent Andi a note about Hot House Flower.

Mary said...

I have a copy of the Ana book...