Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paranormal Ring, September 2009

September Chart -- Click Here to View

updated 1/6/09
The Immortal Realm (#4) (HB 2pts) Frewin Jones
Dying Bites (#1) DD Barant
Road Trip of the Living Dead (#2) Mark Henry
City of Glass (#3) Cassandra Clare
Magic Strikes (#3) Ilona Andrews


Mary said...

From Andrea
I mailed Devilish (November Ring) and Road Trip of the Living Dead (September
Ring) to Kikuyo today.,..DC is 03090330000180926110

Anonymous said...

I think I found the spot lets hope i know what to do.The Immortal Realm was listed to mish at bookmooch

Anonymous said...

DC# for The Immortal Realm going back to Michelle


Rosie (who doesn't know how to post with an id so is annonymous!!)

Rosie said...

hey i set up a google so not annonymous any longer!

Mary said...

YAY Rosie!

Dying Bites will go to Marie next and end the ring. I haven't heard back from Cindy.

Mary said...

Michelle received Immortal realm