Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chick Lit, What Have You Ordered?

Chick Lit -- What Have You Ordered? 

Updated 1/4/10

The Brightest Star in the Sky Marian Keyes

Beautiful People Wendy Holden

Everything I Learned About…. Anthology

The Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merriweather Alexandra Potter

Sleepwalking in Daylight Elizabeth Flock

Summer Kitchen Karen Weinreb

Over the Holidays Sandra Harper

Undiscovered Gyrl Alison Burnett

Japan - Took the JAP out of me Lisa Cook

Love Under Cover Jessica Brody

Swimming Pool Party Madeline Wickham

Nanny Returns McLaughlin & Kraus

Perfect Timing Jill Mansell

Spinning Forward  Terri DuLong:
A Mile in My Flip Flops Melodie Carlson

The Flirt Kathleen Tessaro

Dirty Girls on Top Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea Chelsea Handler

A Winter's Tale Tricia Ashley


JustJanet said...

I'm getting Rich Again by Anna Maxted from PBS....I hope.


purplg8r said...

ooh...I want to read that one, Janet

Phyllis said...

I signed up for Rich Again - thanks, Janet.

I sent undiscovered gyrl to Cheryl today - d c 9102128882300956312835.

I'm still having to get used to our alternative to FR!

Mary said...

There is a lot of adjustment here for everyone LOL -- but I don't want to think of letting this go!

I updated the chart except for adding Rich Again.

jeannewar said...

Santa brought some chick lit books from the UK. Anybody want to read any of these?

#1 The Desperate Diary of a Country Housewife
Author: Daisy Waugh
Book Description:
If you've ever dreamt of a new life in the country, this highly entertaining and candid account of country living might make you think again...

Fresh air, rolling fields, Cath Kidston tea towels and home-baked cake -- isn't that what Martha's new life will be? Apparently not. Having upped sticks and moved her young family from the gritty city to Paradise, she discovers things aren't quite that easy. Collapsing kitchen ceilings; a plague of slugs; coffee mornings with Stepford mums and garden warfare with the neighbours are just a few of the trials. And with her husband away working in London, Martha just can't stop thinking about the sexy builder who's meant to be turning the house into her dream home!

#2 Going It Alone
Author: Clare Dowling

Book Description:
Newlyweds Millie and Andrew have been so busy enjoying themselves that making babies hasn't entered their heads. But as friends turn forty one by one, Millie gets a rude awakening. Suddenly she wants a baby, and she wants one now.
Cue her obessions with fertility charts, pregnancy tests and black scratchy negligees. But then Andrew, flagging under her gruelling regime, drops his bombshell: he's very sorry, but he's just not ready to be a father yet. Millie is left with no choice but to take matters into her own hands. Determined to go it alone, she sets off on a package holiday to a fertility clinic in Spain. But surely it takes two to tango...And what happens when the sumptuous Simon arrives on the scene

#3 Late Night Shopping
Author: Carmen Reid

Book Description:
The eagerly anticipated new novel from the author of The Personal Shopper sees Annie Valentine jetting off to Italy.

Annie Valentine is one ambitious lady, but does she know when to stop?

Uber-busy Annie Valentine -- mum to two demanding children and personal shopper in a swanky London fashion store -- is now intent on setting up a business of her own. She has ambitions for a shoe and handbag empire, and she’ll do anything to get there.

But what about her adorable new man? As someone who wants nothing more than a quiet life, Ed is shocked to discover Annie is staking their home on her success. And now their relationship is on the line.

Ed isn’t convinced that Annie’s surprise remedy -- an extravagant friends and family holiday to Italy -- is really what they all need. Especially when a dashing Italian businessman promises to fulfill Annie’s every dream. . . .

#4 The Personal Shopper
Author: Carmen Reid
This is the first book to the Late Night Shopping book also listed.
Book Description:
There’s just one accessory Annie Valentine can’t find — the perfect man!

Meet Annie Valentine: stylish, savvy, a multi-tasker extraordinaire.

As a personal shopper in a fancy London fashion store, Annie can re-style and re-invent her clients from head to toe. In fact, this super-skilled dresser can be relied on to solve everyone’s problems . . . except her own.
Although she’s a busy single mum to stroppy teen Lana, and painfully shy Owen, there’s a gap in Annie’s wardrobe — sorry, life — for a new man. But finding the perfect partner is turning out to be so much trickier than finding the perfect pair of shoes.

Can she source a genuine classic? A life-long investment? Or will she end up with a mistake from the sale rack who’ll have to be returned?

Or maybe, just maybe, there’ll be someone new this season who could be the one…

purplg8r said...

Anyone interested in The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble?

Noble charts the intertwining lives of the residents of a New York City apartment building in her charming love letter to Manhattan. After banker Ed Gallagher's promotion necessitates a move from the U.K. to New York, he and his wife, Eve, are thrilled to find the perfect Upper East Side apartment, though Eve struggles to meet people until she befriends Violet Wallace, an 82-year-old fellow Englishwoman in her building who enchants her with the story of her path to Manhattan. Elsewhere in the building, shiftless trust fund baby Jackson Grayling III has fallen in love with Emily Mikanowski, a stunner living downstairs, while Emily's downstairs neighbor and friend, frumpy librarian Charlotte, works up the nerve to speak to Che, the Cuban doorman. And on the sixth floor, the Kramers and Schulmans, married couples with young children, struggle with two sets of very different marital problems. Noble (The Reading Group) presents her sprawling cast without neglecting them as characters or confusing the reader, and though she's got something of a wooden ear for her younger characters' dialogue, her handle on heartbreak and hopefulness is admirable. (From Amazon)

mkdmom said...

I'd like to read The Girl Next Door.

jeannewar said...

I would like to read The Girl Next Door also.

JustJanet said...

Waahhhh! Remind me again why I signed up for the GRE. I'd rather be reading all these wonderful books!